Raise Awareness

Sharing economic, social, and human development initiatives through tailor-made animated films, documentaries and mixed-media educational videos

global poverty with
The World Bank

The World Bank chose Check-in’s short animated films to communicate on the challenges brought by a changing climate and its impacts on global poverty.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Poverty

Breaking the link

Reducing Poverty

New ways of looking at Poverty Lines

Resilient Shores

Vietnam’s Coastal Development

Smart Investments in Infrastructure

Beyond the Gap study

Economics of Prevention in Europe

EU / WB joint study

Resilient Infrastructure

Lifelines report

The Prison Show
a criminal justice documentary
by Gabriella Kessler
(coming soon)

A unique portrait of the brutality of the American criminal system, through the lens of a local Texan radio
run by former inmates.
Production :
Program33 - Check-in Films
Broadcasted on France Télévisions

Sharing successful
development initiatives with
The African Development Bank

The Making a Difference series delves into the success stories of 16 African countries in the fields of agriculture, technology, sanitation, industrialisation, transport and trade.

ZAMBIA - Regional Integration

The Kazungula Bridge

MOROCCO - Regional Integration

The Marrakech Airport

MOROCCO - Energy

Rural Electrification

EGYPT - Entrepreneurship

Organic Clusters


THE PAHABO project

CAMEROUN - Agriculture

Cocoa production

Understanding complex
global issues with The OECD

Through impactful educational and awareness videos, Check-in Films accompanies the OECD in its vocation to advise governments on policies that support resilient, inclusive and sustainable growth.

OECD - The Story

60 years of international cooperation

Adapting to Climate Change

Five countries set an example

Meeting Climate Goals

Stronger policies to cut emissions

Trade in Raw Materials

How raw materials impact sustainable growth

Tax Avoidance and Evasion

Building fairer societies

Water Security

Investing in water, for sustainable growth

Scientific journeys with
The United Nations

Check-in’s short scientific documentaries help explore the interactions at play in our ever-changing world.


Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - Short Doc


Ethics of Genome Editing - Short Doc


The Antarctic Ozone Hole - Scientific Doc


The Cool Coalition - Short Doc

Promoting emergency relief
and social aid with
the French Red Cross

Daily and tirelessly, the teams of the French Red Cross welcome, support and appease populations in distress. Operations regularly documented by Check-in Films.

Restoring family links

75 years later!

On the road to exil

Welcoming Ukrainian families

Portraits from Ukraine

Ila and her son arrive in France

Portraits from Ukraine

Heading back home

S.A.L.A.M Project

Reaching out to everybody