Fondation 2iE
Le Mur du Son

Le mur du son

In May 2013, student’s from the African Engineering School 2iE of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), decided to participate in the world’s largest student social venture competition : Berkeley University’s GSVC.

3 teams presented their innovative social business ideas : A mosquito-repellent soap to help in the fight against malaria, responsible for 1000 deaths per day in Subsaharan Africa. Straw bricks made out of agricultural residues for more sustainable housing. A biodigester made out of recycled plastic to create biogas at an affordable price for rural populations that often lack access to energy.

All these student innovations take on major challenges that many African countries face today. The student’s hope to seize the oppertunity to test the viability of their future business and seduce potential investors.

The film follows these teams from the inception of their ideas in their school’s laboratories, to various stages of the competition in Europe and the United States. As they compete with hundreds of projects from around the world, one project starts to demonstrate that it just might have what it takes to make it all the way; a step towards international recognition that could mean a powerful symbolic victory for the African youth.

Production: Check-in Films
Client: 2iE
Directed by: Thibault Dufour & Philip Drouin
Music: James Uhart
Voice-over: Pierre-Alain De Garrigues

© Check-in Films / Juily 2013

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