FM Logistic
50 Years

50 years of FM Logistic
“Tell me about the supply chain”


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of FM Logistic, Check-in Films decided to create an original film that goes beyond traditional codes of corporate video. The history, activities, figures, projects and future of FM are presented to us through “a short fiction” featuring a family of three and their daily routines.

This film is a true mixture of genres, as it portrays classic everyday situations (school outings, shopping in a supermarket, dinner, walks), accompanied by graphic sequences and special effects (2D and 3D)  to illustrate in a very creative way the information and data specific to the company.

Production : Check-in Films / Philip Drouin, Véronique Lebot
Client : FM Logistic
Réalisation : Philip Drouin, Véronique Lebot
Image : Clément Brewer, Benjamin Huan, Julien Diaz
Son : Nicolas Bourdon
Montage : Philip Drouin
Illustration et Animation : Willy Lebleiss
Directeur de production : Sébastien Floris
Comédiens : Anne Paris, Jean Reynes, Ewan Lebot
1er Assistant-réalisateur : Glenn Beauvais
Assistant de production : Zachari Abid
Sound design et Mix audio : Studio 31dB
Décors / Stylisme : Laure Demazy
Maquillage / Coiffure : Mélanie Carreno

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