Financing Green Infrastructure

Financing Green Infrasturcture

Global climate change is a a key policy challenge of the 21st century, threatening human well-being, development as well as the natural environment.

The transition to a greener economy will require major shifts in long-term investment towards low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure, in the energy, transport, water and buildings sectors. In the face of increasing strains on public funds, private investments will be needed to meet part of the growing infrastructure needs.
How can private investors get involved? What can governments do to help finance climate change adpatation?

This short animated film is to be both a call for action and a presentation of the OECD’s (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) proposition for the adoption of a green investment policy framework.

Production: Check-in Films
Client: OECD
Directed by: Thibault Dufour
Graphics and animation: Antonin Dufraisse

© Check-in Films / November 2012

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