Speedy Graphito 5×3

Speedy Graphito 5×3

The idea was born from the desire to offer an opportunity for a young audience, or whose resources are counted, to acquire an original work of SPEEDY GRAPHITO.

Based on a transparent canvas stretched over a frame ephemeral, SPEEDY GRAPHITO performed in the courtyard of the Hotel Jules & Jim, a “5×3” work / performance that will be broken down in 15 pieces.

The opportunity for Check-in Films to meet the colorful globe-trotter artist Speedy Graphito.

An initiative of the Polaris gallery and Jules et Jim Hotel.

A Check-in Films production

Music by Loukoko (Records Collection)

Directed by: Check-in Films
Graphics: Ben Huan
Music: Loukoko (Records Collection)

© Check-in Films / March 2014

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