The Arctic and the Ozone Layer

L’Arctique et la couche d’Ozone

The Arctic region, around the North Pole, is an important indicator of the impacts of industrial and human activities, both at the surface level and in the atmosphere. The rapid warming of the region has attracted considerable scientific attention.

Besides the well known phenomenon of global warming occurring in our lower atmosphere, another atmospheric phenomenon had been taking place over the Arctic. Recent record low ozone values in the stratosphere have led scientists to take a closer look at the links between the changing climate and ozone distribution; changes that may undermine the recovery of the Ozone layer predicted to occur in a few decades.

This 18 minutes documentary was produced by the United Nations Environmental Program.

Production: Check-in Films
Client: UNEP
Directed by : Thibault Dufour & Philip Drouin
Music: Louis de Saxcé
Marc Héricher

© Check-in Films / October 2013

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