Triptyque Grands Projets

TRIPTYCH – VINCI Grands Projets

CHECK-IN FILMS produces a new film for the VINCI group retracing the history of various current major projects in the DEAR (Europe, America, Russia branch). This film stands out for its storytelling in the first person as well as the original broadcast format: A triptych broadcast on 3 separate giant screens at the VINCI DEAR seminar in Rennes in February 2015.

(It has been modified to fit your screen.)

Production: Check-in Films
Client: VINCI Grands Projets
Directed by: Philip Drouin
Narration: Léa Minod
Animation: Antonin Dufraisse
Music & Sound Design: Arsène Lefrançois – Studio 31DB
Picture: Edouard Debrousse, Benjamin Huan,
Antoine Depeyre, Archives Vinci.
Voice-over: Pierre Alain de Garrigues, Léa Minod, Lila Tamazit,
Damien Hartman, Véronique Le Bot, Quentin Costa.

© Check-in Films / February 2015

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